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Our goal is to provide proactive, preventive and personalised Mental Fitness tools to support employee mental wellbeing. 

But what is Mental Fitness?

Mental Fitness is the strength, resilience and health of our minds which, much like physical fitness, needs to be trained. We provide resources, activities and mental exercises to help improve your Mental Fitness.

What are the pillars?

Evexia Collective defines Mental Fitness as made up of

3 core pillars: Energy, Calm and Focus.

The pillars are derived from understanding the science behind how the brain works and the different components that are required for good mental wellbeing.

Each pillar is mapped to specific areas of the brain, the hormones involved and their correlating functions within mental wellbeing.


At the heart of your decision-making capabilities, problem solving, attention span and your goals. The part of the brain that Focus corresponds to is known as the Parietal Frontal Executive System. This is heavily involved in our executive functions, such as making decisions and logical thought. 

Image by Stephen Kraakmo

How positive, motivated and driven you feel. It includes sleep and passion for life and activities. The part of the brain that Energy corresponds to is known as the Limbic system.

Image by Boxed Water Is Better

Relates to your sense of balance, how you manage stress and your ability to relax and switch off.  It also is involved with making memories. The part of the brain that Calm corresponds to is known as the Default mode

Image by Melissa Askew


Some smart person once said:

“Measurement is the first step that leads to control and eventually to improvement”

If you measure something, you can understand it.

If you understand something, you can improve it.


That’s why we have set about to measure Mental Fitness. So that you can understand your own brain better and we can make recommendations on how to improve your Mental Fitness.

Oct 2022_Shiv.png

The Framework:

Our bespoke measurement framework has been specifically designed to capture information about an individual user’s mental wellbeing. 

This unique tool is derived from validated Mental Health screening questionnaires, alongside assessment of users’ perceptions of their wellbeing and engagement with factors that are scientifically proven to improve mental wellbeing. 

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