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What is Mental Health?

Mental health relates to how we think, feel and act, and includes our emotional, psychological and social wellbeing. We all have mental health, and just like our physical health, it needs to be taken care of! Mental health is a spectrum, which can range from good to poor and also changes over time.

Having good mental health can allow us to cope with life’s challenges better, enabling us to think positively and stay calm. Whilst having poor mental health can mean that we struggle to cope with whatever life throws at us. It is important to be aware that “poor mental health” does not necessarily mean that a person has a mental illness; it is possible that during a period of high stress for example you can struggle with poor mental health but it does not mean that you have a clinical diagnosis.

Mental health problems are common – over half of people will be diagnosed with a mental health problem at some point during their life. They can happen to anyone, and are not a sign of weakness. There is no single cause as to why mental health problems develop, but some factors can include chemical or biological imbalances in the brain, trauma, social isolation, drug and alcohol use and other health problems.

Why is mental health important to our overall wellbeing? Well our mental health and physical health are interlinked in many ways. Mental health can have a huge impact on physical health; for example, depression increases the risk of developing many physical health conditions, such as heart disease, stroke and diabetes. Likewise, having poor physical health such as chronic pain can impact our mental health and increase rates of depression and anxiety. Having good mental health can also allow us to cope with stress better, and have positive relationships with others.

Looking after our mental health is important as it helps us to feel positive, to remain calm and to take life’s ups and downs in our stride. Good mental health allows us to remain focused, which can result in improved productivity and reaching our goals. Here at Evexia Collective, we believe in being proactive in looking after your mental health. By taking care of our mental health we can reduce the risk of developing mental health problems, and for those already suffering with mental health problems we can help to reduce the effects, and stop the problems from getting worse.

Okay, so how do I start?

Well, you’re in the right place! A good starting point would be to ensure that you practice self-care, build a good sleep routine, exercise regularly and make time to do things that make YOU happy. Check out our other blogs for more tips on how to boost your mental health.

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