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  • Shiv Pathak

The Pomodoro Technique

How do you manage your time at work? Do you struggle to focus for extensive periods of time? Or do you find yourself getting easily distracted? If so, you might find the Pomodoro Technique helpful.

So, what is the Pomodoro Technique? It is a popular time management tool that was first coined in the 1980s by Francesco Cirillo, a University student who was finding it difficult to focus. He used his Pomodoro (Italian for tomato!)-shaped kitchen timer and only allowed himself to focus on studying until the timer went off, then would allow himself a short break before repeating the timer.

Over time, may people have tried and tested this method and found that their productivity and focus improved. The University of Illinois studied the effects of taking short breaks, and evidenced that brief diversions of attention actually significantly improves the ability to focus. Improved focus and productivity will also likely lead to higher quality of work. Additionally, time-blocking can help us to stop procrastinating, as we know we have the promise of a short break at the end of the timer!

Sounds good, right? Why not give it a try with these simple steps:-

  1. Select a task

  2. Set a timer for 25 minutes – work through this timer and do not allow yourself to engage with any other distractions during this time

  3. Stop when the timer goes off

  4. Take a break for 5 minutes

  5. Repeat the 25 minutes work followed by 5 minutes break cycle 3 times

  6. After 4 cycles have been completed, take a 15-20 minute break

  7. Repeat until you have completed your task

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