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Mental Fitness: It's time to train

We all know how to look after our physical health – eat a balanced diet, exercise regularly and get routine check-ups. But what about our mental health? There’s no straightforward answer and depending on who you talk to you’ll get a significantly different recommendation, if any at all. Unfortunately, we tend to diminish and forget about our mental health, pushing it aside, only realizing the importance of mental wellness when things hit the fan. This divergence doesn’t make sense though – mental health issues can result in prominent long-term physical health issues, affect our ability to participate in healthy day-to-day activities, result in the development of chronic diseases, and decrease a person’s ability to participate in treatment and recovery. Further, psychological and physical health are so intertwined that symptoms for one are often interpreted as the other -- panic attacks and chest pains can be mistakenly construed as heart attacks.

We can’t afford to ignore it.

At Evexia, we want to reimagine the way we treat mental health with a focus on proactive initiatives rather than reactive fixes to reduce the occurrence and impact of avoidable common mental health issues such as stress disorders, depression, and anxiety.

Enter: Mental Fitness.

We have defined mental fitness as the strength and health of our minds. By practicing techniques and flexing our mental muscles, our minds can become more resilient to the everyday stressors that we come across in our lives.

Here are some exciting examples:

  • Did you know that therapies, especially Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, don’t only work when you are mentally struggling? They can be potent tools to help keep yourself mentally resilient so that you are less likely to get to the point of a mental disorder.

  • There are also specific yoga and meditation routines that are especially great for calming, reducing stress, and boosting energy or mood.

  • Beyond these commonly understood techniques, there are innovative products such as infra-red saunas, sensory deprivation floatation, brainwave monitoring, and much more to train and improve different aspects of mental performance.

Currently, due to the sheer number of products in the market, these solutions are scattered, expensive, and lack quality control, making them impossible for people to access and use in conjunction with each other. At Evexia, we will make these treatments available to everyone to learn what works best for you.

So - Hello and Welcome to Evexia Collective. Join us in this journey and tell us what you would like to see to help with your mental fitness.

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