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Meet The Team


Rebecca Kane

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CEO & Founder

MBA from INSEAD (21J) ​


I worked for an investment bank 8 years where I helped set up an employee lead network for employee mental health.


This experience in delivering corporate mental health solutions helped me to see the huge gaps in the market that were not being met by existing solutions. After graduating from an MBA at INSEAD in 2021 I created Evexia Collective with the support of a fantastic team.


Joseph Pung

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CTO & Co-Founder

Building full scale software for various industries ranging from Finance to Property & Interior design since 2018.

I've worked with fintech companies handling 180M+ in loans, built software for AI related applications for companies such as CIMB/Schroders and design/strategy interfaces for apps.

Diploma in Network Systems & Security


Dr Caitie Imray

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Clinical Lead & Advisor



RCGP Certificates in Management of Alcohol Problems & Drug of Misuse


​ Full time General Practitioner (NHS UK)

Private Sector General Practitioner (UK)

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Science Advisor

MD, Psychiatrist, MBA ​


Director of New Product Development and R&D Alliances at Cytovia Therapeutics


Callum Staff

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Data Advisor

Masters in Civil Engineering, University College London ​


Head of Data Science and Analytics at Marks and Spencer


Donovan Reeves

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Marketing Advisor

Senior Brand and Marketing Consultant at Maine Consultancy


Shiv Pathak

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Marketing Assistant

Bachelors Degree in Marketing

Dr Elisabetta Burchi

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