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Visibility on employee Mental Fitness for improved productivity and well-being


With Mental Fitness tools and real time staff aggregate analytics, we help your business: 


> Reduce costs (attrition, absenteeism, presenteeism)

> Attract the best talents

> Increase staff productivity

> Improve employee wellbeing

What value do we add to your company?

We provide real time aggregated data on the wellbeing of employees and tools to support them. This reduces costs of mental ill health as well as improving performance outputs. 

How do we do it?

We stop people getting to the point of illness by training and strengthening them when they're well. We give your employees a personalised Mental Fitness mobile application which they use to measure, understand and improve their own Mental Fitness. 


We then share an aggregate view of how your staff are doing so you can understand where more support is needed and how best to look after them. 

Why should you care?

When your employees suffer from stress, they are more likely to underperform, “quiet quit”, take time off sick, or even leave altogether. By providing solutions to improve Mental Fitness your staff are happier, more productive and more resilient.

The benefits to your business.
  • Increased Output

  • Increased Income

  • Reduced Costs

  • Improved Recruitment

  • Accurate Wellness Data

  • Stronger mental fitness leads to increased productivity, creativity, teamwork and better leadership

  • Globally for every $ spent on workplace mental health care there is at least a 5 x return

    • e.g. in Singapore the return is $5.60, in the UK the return is £7

  •  You can save on average $18,500 of wasted costs per employee per year

  • Employees enjoy work more so less attrition, presenteeism, and absenteeism

  • Top talent, especially in younger, incoming generations, want to work at companies that look after mental and physical well being

  • Ability to see wellbeing data on employees at any point to accurately know how your staff are doing

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