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I'm Rebecca Kane

I am the CEO of Evexia Collective. At Evexia, we ensure that employees are at the centre of your organisation and have support to help them give 100%. This reduces wasted costs and helps your biggest asset perform better, making your business more money.

Right Team

Why are we the Right Team?

Our team includes doctors with direct medical experience and treatment of patients and best mental health practices in both community and psychiatric settings. This gives us a unique insight to the impact of Mental Fitness as well as shared passion in proactive mental well-being support

Why Mental Fitness?

Existing solutions focus on recovery from mental health illness or conditions, rather than true preventative care. Also there are stigmas associated with “mental health” care and so often people disengage with solutions before they started, even if they can be beneficial to them. 


Talking about mental fitness helps to circumvent these issues and creates a solution that encourages engagement in mental health solutions in a proactive and positive way, so that individuals don’t get to the point of illness, as well as becoming the best version of themselves personally and professionally.

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